Simit - (4 pc)
4 Piece Simit Pack ( 4 Piece ) Plain With Sesame Seeds Simit is a popular Turkish street food. You can have it for breakfast, tea time or to eat at the office. You can store the bagels in the freezer for...
Cig Kofte - 1 Lb
A popular specialty in Turkish cuisine, cig kofte is a dish that is a specialty of the Şanlıurfa region of Turkey. The dish is mainly served as an appetizer or meze before main courses. While it is traditionally made with...
Sutas Full Fat White Cheese / Beyaz Peynir - 500 gr
Sutas Full Fat White Cheese / Beyaz Peynir  -  500 gr A taste that makes you fit for the day! Sütaş fresh white cheese, produced with 100% natural Sütaş milk, offers a taste pleasing to Turkish palate with its delicious...
Taskin Turkish Small Flat Bread / Kucuk Pide - 3 pc - Pack
Taskın Turkish Small Flat Bread / Kucuk Pide - 3 pc - Pack
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Gozleme (1 Piece Pack)
Gozleme is a classical savory dish that is enjoyed by every age group in Turkey. It is a type of stuffed flatbread that is prepared freshly with unleavened dough. The dough is filled with different ingredients such as cheese or...
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Marmarabirlik Dried Natural Black Olive / Sele Zeytin - 800 Gr
Marmara Birlik Sele Zeytini Marmarabirlik Olives are thin-skinned, small-seeded and plentiful flesh. The fleshy part is easily separated from the core. It is offered in vacuum packaging.Breakfast; It is very important as it is the first meal of the day...
Homemade Lahmacun (6 Piece)
Turkish lahmacun or lahmacun is a round, thin piece of dough that is topped with spicy mincemeat, minced vegetables, and herbs. It is a popular dish in Turkey as well as the Middle East. It resembles a pizza hence it...
Kibbeh / İçli Köfte (Cooked) 1 piece
Icli kofte also known as kibbeh in Middle Eastern cuisine, is spicy meat stuffed bulgur wheat kofte that is highly popular in Turkey and is served mostly as a delicious appetizer in meals. The filling of kibbeh is prepared with...
Tadim Sunflower Seeds / Ay Cekirdek - 340 gr
Tadim Sunflower Seeds / Ay Cekirdek - 340 gr The pleasure of long winter nights in front of the TV, the essential ingredient of the hot summer months, an inseparable part of exciting sports games. The delight of any conversation,...
Sutas Kashkaval Cheese - 500 gr
Sutas Kashkaval Cheese - 500 gr Sütaş Fresh Kashkaval can be consumed with pleasure at every meal, and helps you create wonderful delicacies with pasta, salads, soups and oven dishes. It’s stretchy and allows you to offer tastes becoming fun...
3 Piece Acma Pack Plain / Sade Acma
3 Piece Acma Pack Plain / Sade Acma Acma is a delicious and satisfying pastry.You can keep acma in your refrigerator for 5-7 days. You can take it out whenever you want and heat it in a pan, toaster or oven.
Merve Plain Yogurt - 906gr
Merve Plain Yogurt 906 Gr Yogurt is a unique taste of Turkish cuisine. The cream layer on top adds depth to the refreshing taste and texture of the yogurt. You can enjoy Merve cream-on-top-yogurt by itself as a healthy snack,...
Reis Pilavlik Bulgur - 1 kg
Reis Pilavlik Bulgur - 1 kg It is a type of bulgur with its unique flavor and aroma, produced in the Southeastern Anatolia region, especially in Şanlı Urfa. It is an important source of fiber, Magnesium, Vitamin B, Manganese store.
Uludag Soda (6 Pack) 200 ml
Uludag Soda (6 Pack) 200 ml   Uludağ Mineral Water, a beverage rich in minerals such as calcium and magnesium, is good for the body in cases of water loss or low blood pressure. Its freshness is preserved thanks to...
Italian Parsley / Maydonoz - 1 Bunch
 Each Price ( Adet Fiyatı )              
Pogaca w/cheese / Peynirli Pogaca (3 pc Pack)
Pogaca w/cheese / Peynirli Pogaca (3 pc Pack)   Cheese Pastry is a delicious and light pastry.It is a traditional pastry product prepared with the hearty taste of cheese. It can be enjoyed for breakfast and tea time.
Merve Mild Soujouk Dried Beef Sausage / Acısız Dana Sucuk - 1 LB
Merve Soujouk Dried Beef Sausage / Dana Sucuk 16 Oz / 1 Lb / 454 Gr Halal Meat Merve Afyonkarahisar Merve Butcher 100% Beef Soujouk Merve 100% beef Soujouk from Afyonkarahisar's famous butcher Merve. 
Oncu Tomato Paste / Domates Salca - 700 gr
Oncu Tomato Paste / Domates Salçası  700 Gr Öncü Tomato Paste comes to your kitchen to add unique flavors to your meals. With the quality and taste you get in your meals, you will make Öncü Tomato Paste the highlight...
Plum Tomato / Domates - 1 lb
 Plum Tomato / Domates - 1 lb            
Sutas Labnah - 400 gr
Sutas Labnah - 400 gr Sütaş Labaneh: Legendary taste and lightness! Cheese master Sütaş combines the taste of cheese and the lightness of yoğurt in Sütaş Labaneh. With its unique light taste and soft texture, it gives great joy to...
Merve Beef Soujouk Hot Round / Aci Sucuk - 1Lb
Merve Beef Soujouk Hot Round 1Lb Seasoned with delicious spices such as cumin, sumac, garlic, red pepper and salt, this hot halal soujouk (dried beef sausage) is ready to be served as a hot breakfast item or as a quick...
Reis Baldo Rice / Pirinc - 1 kg
Reis Baldo Rice / Baldo Pirinc - 1 kg It is proffered in the world market because of its tastes and being accepted as the most quality rice cultivated in our country and It is the most proffered rice and...
3 Piece Pastry Pack Olive / Zeytinli Acma
3 Piece Pastry Pack Olive / Zeytinli Acma   Pastry Pack Olive is a very delicious breakfast product.If you like the delicious taste of Pastry Pack Olive, you can buy a few and consume them for breakfast. If you wish, you...
Sutas Halloumi Cheese / Hellim Peyniri - 250 gr
Sutas Halloumi Cheese / Hellim Peyniri - 250 gr Enrich Your Tables with Special Tastes!Sütaş Halloumi Cheese is produced with the ideal mixture of cow, goat and sheep milk. Halloumi Cheese which has a medium hard structure, is fried in...
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