Ground Beef / Kiyma - 1 Lb
Ground Beef / Kiyma - 1 Lb All meat products fresh (NON Frozed & Helal)      
Butcher Meatball / Kasap Köfte - 1 Lb -Uncooked
If you are already informed about Turkish cuisine, then odds are that you know that Turkish people love their kebabs, doners, and meatballs. This version of meatballs is made in the fashion of butchers back in Turkey. We use grass-fed...
Beef Stew - 1 Lb / Dana Kusbasi
 All meat products are fresh ( NON Frozed & Helal )    
Kofte Burger ( 2 pieces )- Uncooked BBQ
This dish is specially made for those hamburger lovers! Kofte is a type of traditional meatball very popular in Turkey and we use it to prepare hamburger patties. We use exotic Turkish spices and grass-fed cattle meat to prepare our...
BBQ Special (Un Cooked) / Mangal Paketi
 If you are a true lover of BBQ then you will definitely fall in love with our version of the special Turkish BBQ pack! We have the following meat dishes within our special BBQ pack: Kofte (Turkish Meatball) Burger –...
Turkish Food Basket

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