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Homemade Tripe Soup ( 2 Portion Jar) / Ev Yapımı İşkembe Çorbası

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Tripe soup, also known as iskembe corbasi in its hometown, is a widely popular soup dish consumed mostly during night times after festivities and events in Turkey. It is widely considered to be a hangover remedy but it is also consumed as a delicious starter. We acquire our tripes only from trusted farmers that vouch and certify for the hygiene of their meat products. For preparation, we clean the tripe for an additional time and then marinate them in our special juicy mixture. Once the marination is completed we dice the tripe and cook it in low heat for the best results. We highly suggest you consume our homemade iskembe tripe soups with garlic and vinegar for maximum enjoyment.

We at Turkish Food Basket make all of our Turkish dishes and iskembe tripe soups with fresh, daily ingredients that will make sure to satisfy you and your guests’ taste buds on all occasions. We use grass-fed cattle meat acquired from trusted farmers, daily natural vegetable oils, fresh vegetables from regional suppliers along with the highest quality of spices and sauces prepared by our veteran Turkish chefs who have years of experience. All that so you can pleasantly enjoy our authentic Turkish dishes with your loved ones.