Adana Kebab - 1Lb ( 4 Pc ) - Turkish Food Basket

Adana Kebab - 1Lb ( 4 Pc )- Uncooked

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Here is the great one that all of you know the Turkish cuisine mainly for; Turkish kebab. Kebab is a very classic and popular main course made with a mixture of high-quality meat, special animal fat, varying vegetables, and a rich amount of exotic spices. It is served along with Turkish sumac onions, tomatoes, herbs, and rice or bread according to your personal taste. As you might have known previously due to its popularity, there’s a ton of variation when it comes to making kebabs, especially in Turkey, where it’s enjoyed both by its citizens and tourists alike. The Adana variation is considered one of the standard kebabs in Turkey, and it has added hot spices to the classical mixture. Best for those chili lovers, yum!

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