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Bagels (Per Dozen)

$6.99 $11.99


*LOCAL DELIVERY ONLY This item can not be mailed (shipped) because of the problems, due to keeping the item fresh and/or in shape.


All Natural Ingredients, No Artificial Additives. Nothing that nature is not intended

Freshly Baked, Hand Roll ONE DOZEN BAGELS For $6.99 At Lost!!   

Yes, you read it right. We are losing money with this price and our only intention is to gain you as a customer. We are so sure you will love all of our products we are actually betting on it. We double back our guarantee and if you are not happy with our bagels we will let you keep them and refund your money 100%. One small problem is since we don't sell this frozen it is only for the local delivery area. please check below our FREE local delivery zone to see if you are in there. 

New York bagel (the real, genuine ones, that is) ferment their dough overnight in wooden containers, which allows tasty yeasts to grow and create complex flavor compounds. They then poach the bagels before baking them. The poaching is what you can thank for that true chewy texture of a New York bagel.

Kinds We Have: 

Everything, Onion, Poppy, Cinnamon, Sesame, Plain, Whole Wheat, Garlic, Multi-Grain, Salt, Egg, Pumpernickel, Asiago, Rainbow

Please make sure that you specify the kinds you like to have on the instruction ( as you place the order ) portion of your order.



Freshly baked hand-rolled bagels. It will be made on the same day of your delivery. Never frozen, never a day old. Please choose the kind of bagels you like at the time of the order. You can write which kinds of bagels ( Everything, Onion, Poppy, Cinnamon, Sesame, Plain, Whole Wheat, Garlic, Multi-Grain, Salt, Egg, Pumpernickel, Asiago, Rainbow)  on the instruction part of your order. 

At Calandra’s Bakery, we believe in tradition. Since bread is one of the most classic staples at any wholesome bakery, we add time, attention, and detail into every single loaf of bread that we bake – creating it the old-fashioned way, with only four ingredients. What’s more, when you purchase our delicious bread from Calandra’s Bakery, you never have to worry about extra additives or harmful elements. We make each loaf to be 100% all-natural, and craft them by hand, from scratch, every single hour that the bakery is open. Our four main loaves of bread include white, semolina, whole wheat, and multigrain.



At Turkish Food Basket, When we are delivering your order to your house ( Only on Local Deliveries ), You do😍NOT NEED TO USE YOUR CREDIT CARDS😍. You can pay CASH at the door. Just choose COD at the time of the order. 100% Satisfaction guaranteed. If you don't like it, you don't have to pay for it! 😱😂

  • All bakery items are freshly baked the same day.
  • WITHIN OUR DELIVERY ZONE, WE DO NOT CHARGE YOU ANYTHING EXTRA FOR HOME DELIVERY. IT IS THE SAME PRICE JUST LIKE YOUR GROCERY, BUTCHER OR SUPERMARKET. Think of us as your friendly neighborhood grocery store at your doorstep. The only time we will charge you if we have to ship your items via USPS or UPS.
  • Fresh items, fish or seasonal items are subject to availability. If any item is not available, we will call you to ask if you will wait or cancel that item.
  • There is no minimum order for free home delivery (within our delivery zone). All orders must be placed before 12 pm for the next day for home delivery. Orders placed after this time will be delivered to your house the next day.
  • Home Delivery times are between 8 am - 12 pm.
  • Please choose COD Only if you are within our delivery zone and if you would like to pay cash at your door. We will not accept credit cards at your door. If you would like to use your credit cards or if you are not within the delivery area and/or your order needs to be shipped via USPS or UPS, you need to pay at the time of the order with credit cards. 
  • Deliveries that are outside of our home delivery zone will be delivered via USPS or UPS. You will get charge for this service accordingly. To get free delivery even when shipped, you have to purchase a minimum of $100 per order.