Bone Broth / Kemik Suyu ( 2 Portion Jar)

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Bone broth is a very essential part of Turkish cuisine. It is made, preserved, and added to many dishes mainly including soups, meats, and home-style traditional family meals. We produce our bone broths by boiling veal bone marrow over low heat for about twenty hours. As a result of this tenacious process, the bone marrow completely melts and mixes with our special ingredients to create a delicious bone broth. Since our bone broth is made with 100% natural ingredients, there can be a layer of fat on the top of the jar. We recommend that you consume it with natural oils. You can consume our bone broth either as pure or add it to your dishes for an extra layer of taste!

We at Turkish Food Basket make all of our Turkish dishes and bone broth with fresh, daily ingredients that will make sure to satisfy you and your guests’ taste buds on all occasions. We use grass-fed cattle meat and bones acquired from trusted farmers, daily natural vegetable oils, fresh vegetables from regional suppliers along with the highest quality of spices and sauces prepared by our veteran Turkish chefs who have years of experience. All that so you can pleasantly enjoy our authentic Turkish dishes with your loved ones.