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Coconut Custard Pie / Hindistan Cevizli Turta

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Freshly baked hand rolled bagels. It will be made same day of your delivery. Never frozen, never a day old. Please choose the kind of bagels you like at the time of the order. You can write which kinds of bagels ( Everything, Onion, Poppy, Cinnamon, Sesame, Plain, Whole Wheat, Garlic, Multi Grain, Salt, Egg, Pumpernickel, Assiago, Rainbow)  on the instruction part of your order. 

At Calandra’s Bakery, we believe in tradition. Since bread is one of the most classic staples at any wholesome bakery, we add time, attention, and detail into every single loaf of bread that we bake – creating it the old-fashioned way, with only four ingredients. What’s more, when you purchase our delicious bread from Calandra’s Bakery, you never have to worry about extra additives or harmful elements. We make each loaf to be 100% all-natural, and craft them by hand, from scratch, every single hour that the bakery is open. Our four main loaves of bread include white, semolina, whole wheat, and multigrain.



All bakery items are freshly baked the same day.