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Firinlanmis Kelle (Ayiklanmis- Pisirilmis) 1 Porsiyon

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Kelle or khash, is a dish of baked cattle head meat blended with exotic herbs and traditional oils. This recipe is considered a purist meal that is believed to be originating from Armenia, and it is widely popular in Greece, Bulgaria, Turkey, and the Middle East. In our version, we bake the meat instead of boiling it, thus the name firinlanmis (baked). The head meat is cleaned thoroughly, kept in cold water for several nights, cleaned again, then baked in the oven in low heat all night long. This process allows the meat to be rested and separated from the bone. We add seasoning and exotic spices for finalization. The result is a mouth-watering meat dish.

We at Turkish Food Basket make all of our Turkish dishes and firinlanmis kelles with fresh, daily ingredients that will make sure to satisfy you and your guests’ taste buds on all occasions. We use grass-fed cattle meat acquired from trusted farmers, daily natural vegetable oils, fresh vegetables from regional suppliers along with the highest quality of spices and sauces prepared by our veteran Turkish chefs who have years of experience. All that so you can pleasantly enjoy our authentic Turkish dishes with your loved ones.