Ev Yapimi Kasarli Pide (1 Adet) - Turkish Food Basket

Ev Yapimi Kasarli Pide (1 Adet)

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Pide is a Turkish dish originating mainly from the ancient Middle East. It is essentially a flatbread cooked in specially made ovens which are then topped with ground meat, vegetables, butter, and cheese. The Turkish variation has an additional special perk for this though, the pide is cooked in wood-fire, which gives the dish its special flavor. That’s why Turkish pide is considered a slow-cooked fast food in Turkey and it is very popular among its citizens. We are sure you will fall in love with this version, which has natural butter and kaşar cheese, which is a cheddar-like Turkish cheese that melts in your mouth. We are certain that this will be one of your favorite Turkish dishes.