Karnıyarık (6 Portion)

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When it comes to Turkish cuisine, homemade meals are kept in very high regard. These meals represent an atmosphere of warmth and coziness reminiscent of our childhood times spent with our families. Thus, they have a very special place for the Turkish people. Karniyarik, is one of these dishes and it never fails to satisfy its recipient in terms of deliciousness. The name of the dish karniyarik means “riven belly” in Turkish, and it is a direct reference to the base ingredient of eggplant being cut into two. After the eggplant is smoked for tasty goodness, it is cut in half and stuffed with a mixture of sauteed grass-fed ground cattle meat, chopped onions, garlic, tomatoes, and exotic herbs. The result is an extraordinarily delicious hearty meal that is fit for any family gathering.

We at Turkish Food Basket make all of our Turkish dishes and homemade Turkish karniyariks with fresh, daily ingredients that will make sure to satisfy you and your guests’ taste buds on all occasions. We use grass-fed cattle meat acquired from trusted farmers, daily natural vegetable oils, fresh vegetables from regional suppliers along with the highest quality of spices and sauces prepared by our veteran Turkish chefs who have years of experience. All that so you can pleasantly enjoy our authentic Turkish dishes with your loved ones.