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Kavurma 1lb (Frozen)

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Kavurma is a special type of fried or sautéed meat dish that is popularly enjoyed in the Balkans, Mediterranean, and Turkey. There are different versions to preparing and cooking this absolutely decadent meat dish. We prepare our dish in alignment with the traditional Turkish way. We first start with lamb meat by cutting it into cubes and then marinating it. Afterward, we add tomatoes, onions, black pepper, red pepper, rock salt, extra-virgin olive oil, and a touch of exotic spices to roast them all over a pan. The result is a fascinatingly juicy and tasty meat dish. Once you try it you won’t get enough of this delicious meat dish! This version comes frozen in the amount of 1 lb for you to store and eat it whenever you desire.

We at Turkish Food Basket make all of our Turkish dishes and kavurmas with fresh, daily ingredients that will make sure to satisfy you and your guests’ taste buds on all occasions. We use grass-fed cattle meat acquired from trusted farmers, daily natural vegetable oils, fresh vegetables from regional suppliers along with the highest quality of spices and sauces prepared by our veteran Turkish chefs who have years of experience. All that so you can pleasantly enjoy our authentic Turkish dishes with your loved ones.