Moda Kunefe With Cheese - Uncooked

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Handmade Kunefe With Cheese

Turkish Künefe

Künefe is a crispy cheese-filled dessert made with kadayıf (kah-dah-YUF'), which is a traditional shredded wheat dessert with pistachio filling. Künefe is served hot out of the oven so the cheese is soft and stringy.

 Künefe is cooked and served in a very shallow, round metal pan that's specially designed for making this dessert. It's so delicious that Turkish people and tourists alike keep coming back for more. 

You will get it prepared, ready to cook in an oven for a few minutes. The cheese inside needs to melt, you need to eat hot 🔥

 Tradition of 167 YearsThe journey, which started with peddler icemen circulating around neighborhoods with ice cream drums on shoulders, has continued with colorful painted and tinted ice cream cars and then with the famous Yaşar Patisserie that has become one of the symbols of K.Maras. This flavor, having reached its 167th year and gone through many phases in years, has become a powerful structure encompassing many companies and brands within the Yaşar Ice Cream and Food Stuff Inc.

These brands, which are the cornerstones of the adventure going on for five generations, are continuing the taste journey, enjoying and exhilarating.

The first important step in the way of MADO becoming a world brand is taken as the Yaşar Patisserie. The Yasar Patisserie has been an important cornerstone in the multi-faceted and effective representation of the 165 years of experience through a world-class brand, because this place is the first where the generosity of the nature and human labor and patience have met with the lovers of ice cream. The ice factory, opened in K.Maras in 1965, is as important for MADO as it is for the region. A small shop where production is maintained is enlarged and its production capacity is increased. In the same year, a ‘deep freezer’ is brought to the shop, whereby the ice cream day and night is preserved at the required cold. These developments do not diminish anything from the taste and quality of MADO and then the Yasar Patisserie, which makes a cradle for the MADO Ice Cream to attain to the present fame, opens in Trabzon Caddesi in 1980. The first patisserie has been the pride of the city and is a very valuable step towards becoming one of the biggest brands of the country.